Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)


IMC is a process that involves the management and organisation of all ‘agents’ in the analysis, planning, implementation and control of all marketing communications

INCLUDING its ‘contacts’, media, messages and promotional tools – focused at selected target audiences in such a way as to derive the greatest enhancement and coherence of marketing communications effort to achieve predetermined objectives of ‘product’.

  • Agents – All individuals and organisations involved in the marketing communications process
  • Contacts – Any communication between selected target audience members and the organisation
  • Product – Brands, goods, services; any object of promotion, including events and personalities

Taking an integrated marketing and communications approach means:

Integrating offline channels (print advertising, direct mail, public relations, outdoor, broadcast and events) with online channels (digital marketing campaigns, website, SEO, PPC, banner ads, social media, blogs, RSS).

Integrating the various elements of the mix to maximise competitive advantage for your brand.

Successful marketing and communication efforts result from careful strategic and comprehensive planning.

Your aim to remain competitive is to promote your company, its brand products and services in an integrated approach.