Skills Training Workshops


Marketing + Communications

  • Integrated Marketing Communications – Understanding the Pesto Model
  • Audience Segmentation – Behaviour, needs and desires
  • Communication network development – Develop a niched audience network for niched products
  • Campaign Design – PR or marketing or special event campaigns – what are the success factors?

Content Creation

  • Copywriting – All marketing copy online (web, email, social, SEO) and offline (traditional)
  • Storytelling: elements of a very effective story and how to apply this into various applications and platforms
  • Photography – What type of photos are best to represent will the product or service
  • Videography – How to produce low cost but high quality videos for online mediums
  • Content delivery strategy and planning
  • How to turn one thing into many things (repurpose content into may forms for placement on different platforms)


Relationship Building

  • The DNA of building relationships with all types of stakeholders
  • Dealing with media and influencers to get what you want
  • Experience Design – Customer Journey Touch Point Experience Optimisation

Essential Skills

  • Critical thinking for conceptualising any project or campaign
  • Problem solving – how to get to the best solution in the shortest time frame
  • How to turn big data into something useful that can make impact in business growth


Ask me anything

  • Custom workshops in the communications field – to whatever your company’s needs

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