RDL Consults On All Aspects Of Business Development

Startup – brick and mortar or online (environment, location, systems, processes, operations, product and service design, branding, supply chain, finance, human resources, management)

Development and Growth (marketing, public relations, sales, customer relations, stakeholder relations, product and service optimisation)

Advise on how to save a business from declining (research, investigate, analyse, report)

Determine the current health and value of the business for obtaining investment or possible sell (research, investigate, analyse, report)

Business turnaround (implement strategies and solutions for swift recovery)

Taking brick and mortar business online (implement technologies that will save time, increase awareness and sales)

Turn ordinary brand into a luxury brand (how to establish your brand as a preferred choice amidst all the competition by raising your brand’s perceived brand value and equity to attract more consumers)

Business rescue (from total decline, closing or bankruptcy – implement strategies and solutions for swift recovery)

When wanting to sell, determine its true- and potential sales value before setting a market price and getting a broker (preparing all documents and marketing material collateral) 

Selling the business through a well-established and reputed broker (who helps you communicate the existing and potential value of your business to buyers and conclude the deal – Using only dedicated and highly trained and experienced business brokers that specialise in your particular industry)

Public Relations

ESTABLISH + DEVELOP + MAINTAIN RELATIONSHIPS The primary function of PR is to build and maintain beneficial relationships with a company’s stakeholders, investors and the public, and to establish credibility. OVERALL FUNCTIONS Promote Good Corporate Governance Executive ProfilingThought Leadership  Reputation ManagementCrisis CommunicationRisk AnalysisChange Management Stakeholder RelationsInvestor RelationsEventsCorporate Social Responsibility Content Development MEDIA RELATIONS Media RepresentationMedia InteractionMedia…

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Business Growth Through Sales

All businesses are in it for profit… that’s why they exist. And it raises profits by means of streamlining the business, growth (expansion), sales and revenue. And to increase revenue you need to: Expand into new markets – increase the number of customers (sales) from more regionsIncrease conversion rates (from prospects to…

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Brand Management

Capturing the attention of consumers is becoming more and more difficult. And winning their minds, hearts and loyalty, almost impossible. Where normal promotions, advertising and marketing through all mediums, online and offline, website, digital, email, social and traditional print and broadcast do manage to capture their attention for a little while, it…

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Consulting + Training + Project Management CONSULTING + ADVISORY Knowing industry and the business, understanding strengths and weakness, identifying future opportunities and advantages, capturing future markets and additional business – are all mandatory in today’s economy. RDL assists businesses, and those interested in joining the industry, to build their knowledge and expertise…

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