All businesses are in it for profit… that’s why they exist.

And it raises profits by means of streamlining the business, growth (expansion), sales and revenue.

And to increase revenue you need to:

  • Expand into new markets – increase the number of customers (sales) from more regions
  • Increase conversion rates (from prospects to signed deals – by creating likability, trust, operational and social proof, and reciprocity)
  • Increase average transaction size (double up on value by upselling, cross-selling and bundling: to get each customer to purchase more)
  • Increase the size of transactions per customer (encourage people to purchase more often, or create more ways for them to use products or services such as maintenance contract programs)
  • Add additional product lines (develop more products for different segments)
  • Increase frequency, repeat business from existing customers (incentives and loyalty offerings)
  • Referral program (satisfied customers giving a good review are the best brand advocates and source of new business)
  • Raise prices (more revenue for the same amount of effort – become a reputed luxury offering, which means quality products delivered by exceptional credible teams, with customer service fit for a king)
  • Augment offerings (form JV’s or alliances with related companies who have the same type of client base although not in the same sector)
  • Qualify (focus the majority of efforts on serving the most ideal and willing customers who buy early, buy often, spend the most, spread the word, and are willing to pay a premium for the value provided)
  • Effective strategies in marketing (analyze data on customer purchases and product preferences. Based on strategic plans, then develop targeted promotions to hit specific customers with ad messages and promotional offers)
  • Boost operational efficiency (with technology without taking away the person aspect, and cutting inefficient operations or behaviours)

The next step is to find people (RDL) with the necessary skills and experience to implement the above.

F2F Sales Meetings

RDL helps brands to build customers’ trust, and increase customer conversions with a tailored client/customer centric approach, fulfilling their needs and requirements by matching it with proper solutions.

Depending of the service scope wanted and in what geo locations, RDL can also recruits, trains, coaches, organises, supervises, oversees and manages sales teams, assisting them to perform their daily activities at high performance levels in so to reach set target successfully with well-developed strategies.

With excellent mentoring, coaching and people management skills, RDL delivers business goals  and visions with high ethics and morals, and great teamwork.

RDL sets clear visions and goals with a detailed plan to achieve them, and implements personal (individualised) motivation and performance measures (as each team member requires different motivation linked to their own values) all of which to ensure focus and engagement.

RDL has very unique ways and settings in which she performs sales meetings.

Although working independently RDL and her sales teams deliver on the brand’s overall business goals and visions.

To start a conversation about this, send an email to RDL

Example Case Study:

Nissan Sub Sahara Africa tasked RDL to develop and participate in a VIP event showcasing the then new launching Nissan Patrol. We took this throughout Africa into Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya and sold 17 vehicles during these events

The below commercial showcase exactly what we’ve done, only with an African flavour, sadly we did not take the opportunity to shoot a similar production due to lack of interest from Nissan management in Japan.

But the focus was to sell Patrols, not to produce a commercial, which we’ve achieved with tremendous success, considering a Patrol is not cheap.

Luxury Flybridge Yacht – Ferretti Yachts 1000 Premiere in Venice.

Considering what Ferretti yachts did with this event, the same can be arranged for any brand who wishes to turn an event into a sales focused showcase, meaning at the end of such a show, capture interested parties there and then to set up sales calls later.

The possibilities are huge.