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Business Development + Growth

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford

While good businesses simply meet a need, great businesses exceed expectations.

Like Ford, innovative businesses deliver their horsepower in new and surprising ways, and they use creative strategies to do it.

Business development and growth consulting is helping businesses achieve success with new strategies and models.

Success is partly reaching the people a business can help the most – meaning providing a product or service that solves problems and fulfils needs and wants – while still making a good profit after expenses.

As markets, competition, industry and technology changes – most business leaders realise and understand that profit, success and continued growth are all achieved through an intelligent, articulate and well-crafted business strategy that is sustainable.

When to use a consultant like RD

When you need to build capacity, develop skills and best practices, instil authentic business values, beliefs and principles – and finding insights upon which to build future excellence, legacy, profit and sustainability.

Why its useful

When you need a better business model as the one currently does not serve you any longer or do not realise in any profit or growth.

The essence of a good business model – is that it defines the manner by which a business identifies its clients’ needs and wants, meets those needs, delivers value to those clients in the way they want it, entices them to pay highly for that value, and converts those payments to profits.

Achieving bottom line organisational goals, will thus depend on how well the business knows the needs and wants of all its stakeholders, investors and target markets, and how efficiently they can deliver upon those needs and wants with productive employees who are really inspired to deliver their best.

RD works diligently to understand and internalise your industry, businesses and products or services, starting with sound research and strategy planning to ensure the right messages and stories are being told to the right target audiences (or stakeholders), at the right time and in the most effective way to deliver optimum results.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Redirecting marketing budget investments to where they will do the most good…

What is IMC?

IMC is a process that involves the management and organisation of all ‘agents’ in the analysis, planning, implementation and control of all marketing communications, including its ‘contacts’ – media, messages and promotional tools – focused at selected target audiences in such a way as to derive the greatest enhancement and coherence of marketing communications effort to achieve predetermined objectives of ‘product’.W

It is most useful when you want to integrate all the various elements of the marketing mix into one smooth and flowing – consistent operation to maximise competitive advantage for your brand.

To remain competitive, is to promote your company, its brands, products and services in an integrated approach – speaking with one voice, consistently across the board in all channels and mediums.

RD interviews your executives, employees, customers and other key stakeholders to get a clear picture of your brand before delivering a strategy.

By incorporating external research RD develops a creative brief that ensures objective criteria is established and agreed upon to guide the brand strategy, creative processes, ideas and concepts, content development, and calls to action that resonate with your target audiences.

RD takes a big picture view of the integrated marketing process combined with detail-oriented execution.

RD’s practice areas are built around core industry expertise which allows for building deep industry relationships and knowledge, identifying consumer problems and market or content gaps for disruption.

A coherent IMC plan includes all marketing related functions, integrating all the elements and promotional tools, so that they work together in harmony – This includes everything in the marketing mix: Public Relations, Reputation Management and Advertising.