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Knowing industry and the business, understanding strengths and weakness, identifying future opportunities and advantages, capturing future markets and additional business – are all mandatory in today’s economy.

RDL assists businesses, and those interested in joining the industry, to build their knowledge and expertise in luxury concepts, strategies and solutions for the efficient launch, establishment, and growth of luxury brands.

RDL helps entities to create unique business models with a global reach and futuristic innovation, reimagining the business of tomorrow to ensure sustainability and increase ability to sustain profitability through time.

RDL helps brands define how to be more valuable to customers, thereby elevating brands to stand out and become more memorable on brand recall, which will lead to brand loyalty and equity.


RDL provides a comprehensive, research study and analytic view of where brands are currently positioned, how they are being perceived by consumers, what their potential is, what they could become – and derives strategic approaches and tactics on how to get there.


RDL assists to set the new vision, mission and direction for the business, finding the right and most appropriate routes of actions to achieve goals. Then develop these routes of actions in a way that will maximize advantage, leverage growth, and increase value creation for the brand, the company and the consumer.

RDL’s ultimate concern and primary objectives are to map out, design and prescribe best practices for new processes, systems, strategies, and techniques around business models, distribution, point of sale, brand campaigns, marketing projects, content creation, and live experiences – because these are the leading determinants for maximising profit and customer satisfaction.


RDL offers innovative and comprehensive business solutions for existing product enhancement – or defines and develops a totally new luxury product or service concept – assessed against well established and broad reaching benchmarks to measure it’s potentiality and ensure its success within the markets, with a constant focus on innovation, creativity, design thinking and technology.

RDL helps brands to think different, become more disruptive, pioneer new trends, investigate the markets in different geographies, consider unexplored customers segments, taking product to market solutions, and using data to inform new concepts, models and methodologies.


Brand equity is the value and power of the brand that determines its worth. Based on numerous research studies, it’s established that the brand is one of the most important intangible assets of a company which helps to improve its value and financial performance.

Based on the various brand equity models, it’s evident that brand equity is controlled by different components such as quality, performance, brand awareness, and loyalty, propriety assets and brand associations. Brand equity models are designed to establish the way in which brand value is created, and serve as a guide to design marketing strategies at various stages, improve the perception of a product, to get more loyal customers, and to get a competitive edge.

Brand equity influences the customer’s choice. A customer will be willing to associate with a brand that offers higher quality and satisfaction. Brand equity is also the most important criteria for getting investors interested in the business and thus vital for expansion and growth.


Usually through the consulting process, projects are identified to address certain operations.

RDL assists business owners, and individual professionals to cut through information overload and noise – and with focused concepts and strategies, implement identified business models, procedures, structures, operations, systems and processes, to deliver clear messaging with definitive CTAs and deliverable outcomes benchmarked against set KPIs.


RDL helps businesses build knowledge and expertise in everything Luxury.

Workshop training is tailored as a special training program suitable to the needs of your company, delivered in the most effective way that guarantee outstanding results, because of RDL’s unique workshop models and interactions.

Apart from presenting all processes of the entire luxury business offering, the workshop content also includes: company and product branding, communications, advertising, marketing, sales, public relations and customer service, tailored towards your specific niche and markets.


It has been said by many clients that RDL delivers exceptional content, that influence, engage and bring results. Content is everything needed to communicate a brand to audiences and includes text, imagery, sound and video.

Using over 30 years expertise in writing, and journalism, advertising, marketing and public relations combined with the latest in CGI technology to take advantage of the digital landscape of today, RDL conceptualise, produces and delivers contents that thrills and excites.


RDL is comfortable collaborating in person (F2F), in group settings, conference and seminar engagements, talks, virtual engagements.

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