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Customer Profile Audit

Customer Profile Audit Capturing the attention of consumers is becoming more and more difficult. And winning their minds, hearts and loyalty – an enduring task Where normal promotions, advertising and marketing through all mediums, online and offline, website, digital, email, social and traditional print and broadcast do manage to capture their attention for a little while, it is hard to touch them on a deeper level, making that personal connection…

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Writing: All Things Text

Writing: All Things Text COPYWRITING FOR ALL MEDIUMS Online and Digital – SEO optimised copy for: Social mediaEmail marketingNewslettersWebsiteYoutube video descriptionsVideo scripts Print: Advertising copyAdvertorialsEditorialsFeaturesShortsFiction short story Broadcast: Radio commercialsTV commercialsShooting schedules Live: Event production and schedulesPlaywright Scripts Entertainment: Music video production scripts and schedulesMovie scriptsDocumentary scripts and shooting schedules

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Photography Production

Photography Production Visuals give a better understanding of not just the message, but what’s behind the message — explained easier, faster, and clearer than just a cluster of written words. Photos For AdvertsTo accompany written editorialsPhoto stand alone editorialProduct ShootStudio shootOutdoor natural shoot

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Video Production

Video Production It’s no secret that video is now one of the top ways to market products and services… if done right, of course. Videos are engaging, and they lead to serious moments of consideration, and highly shareable. Videos are incredibly engaging and offer a well rounded sensory experience that includes visuals, motion, sound, story, and personality. But, it’s not a case of just setting up a camera and a…

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Documentary Production

Documentary Production There is no better, more powerful way to place your subject or cause on international agenda than with a documentary Documentaries are among the most valuable forms of content delivery – but so far a totally undervalued and neglected form of educational art. They aren’t all good obviously – depending on who produced it – but the best of them are intriguing, unusual, persuasive, seductive… And offer a…

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