Delivering Content That Engages, Evokes Emotion, Gives Meaning…

Content is information (practical, functional, tactical), in the form of text, image, video, audio or live events – produced in such a way that it’s engaging, relevant, reliable, interesting, sometimes entertaining, and informative or enlightening (educational).

It’s basically anything you produce that audiences can consume through engaging all their senses.

Good content is high quality, valuable and useful information that influences, builds trust and authority with a story presented in a contextually relevant manner with the goal of soliciting an emotion or engagement – designed for consumption, seasoned for enjoyment, and packaged to share.

RDL directs and produces content for business, corporates, news agencies, media houses and filmmakers…

Content can be for purposes:

  • Internal operations
  • Advertising + Marketing + Communications + Public Relations
  • Educational – Courses + Programs
  • Entertainment – Documentary + Fictional

Marketing + Communications Content

Clearly, content is a necessary part of communications. It’s through content that people discover, consume and act on brand information. Content leads consumers to brand experiences and are often the experience itself.

RDL directs online, digital, and traditional communication content, events and presentations, marketing campaigns, PR and advertising for companies, agencies, government agencies and anyone who has a message they need to communicate to a stakeholder audience.

So basically, RDL helps clients communicate their message to their audiences through various types of content delivered to different types of distribution platforms, and repurposed for max impact.

RDL provides the training and leadership needed to ensure that compelling stories successfully reach audiences, by collaborating with executive managers and marketing professionals to help shape the company’s vision.

RDL provides the focus for the content to the reporting team, show them how to authenticate information through proper research and teach on how to write or produce material that will be compelling and appropriate for the intended audience – and oversees the distribution of this content through the platforms identified.

To this end, RDL has excellent strategic thinking and visionary skills, communication and leadership skills, with the ability to encourage teamwork.

RDL is well-organised with excellent time-management skills, knowledge of writing, photography, videography, experience in editing, pre- and post production, analytical, activator, achiever, relator and problem solving skills.

RDL can advise on a company’s content marketing efforts, including:

  • Content ideas and conceptions and prioritisation (marketing divisions)
  • Content creation and development (content creators + content canvas + content formats + content workflow and scheduling)
  • Leading a team of in house and/or freelance writers and editors, graphic designers, proofreaders, and social media specialists
  • Developing a content distribution strategy (communication channel plan)
  • Choosing and managing an effective CMS
  • Optimising content for search engines SEO + SEM
  • Content amplification with campaigns (influencers, their channels and media channels)
  • Content repurposing
  • KPIs – the high-level metrics selected as the most critical to success
  • Capturing a variety of metrics to measure the effectiveness of our content, and retooling approach based on those results
  • Ensuring that the content that’s being created is helping to drive your ultimate business goals