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Engagement Policy

RD Engagement Policy



Ensures that delivered work reflects the client’s mission and vision, but does not compromise on own core values and beliefs. This is the basis for building a shared vision and understanding, essential to RDs independence and integrity.

Project Initiation

The first visit to clients is without charge or obligation. This gives an opportunity to fully understand clients’ needs and to make assessments of how RD would undertake the project. An important part of the first visit is to explore policies and issues to fully understand the underlying causes.


The first meeting is followed up by a proposal, setting out RD’s understanding of the objectives of the project, the steps to take, estimate of time-frames, costs and proposed starting and completion dates.


Takes an overall, independent, and fact-based view of a client’s project performance requirements, relying on scientific facts that provide clarity and align people, processes and systems.

Each project will be broken down into stages to enable clients to assess and measure progress. RD will never undertake projects unless confident and certain of completing them successfully.

Use a network of specialists to deliver the best

RD draws on an extended network of internal and external expertise to bring together the right minds for the right solutions, relying on multiple professionals and experts to provide sound solutions with professional interactions to deliver on high performance standards.

RD constantly benchmark partners’ work, and is very proud of the standard, quality, effectiveness, efficiency and results delivered thus far.

Build client capabilities to sustain improvement

Builds internal support, get to the real issues fast, deliver practical recommendations, and highlights capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and to lead the work after RDs involvement.

Build enduring relationships based on trust

Earns clients’ trust through consistent superior service, professional and ethical conduct, extensive and specialist knowledge and complete commitment.

Only serious players

RD only works with clients and partners who are genuinely serious, both in their intent and in their capacity to work with external stakeholders.

Independence non-negotiable

Projects are executed by a group of contracted professionals and experts, therefore independence is central to the roles played. Integrity and independence are fundamental to achieving missions and providing real value to clients. RD thus expects clients to give independence without unnecessary interference to execute the professional functions she was hired to do.

RD reports the truth as observed based on extensive research and investigations. Stays independent and able to disagree, regardless of the popularity (or criticism) of views or their effect on fees.

Has the courage to invent and implement unconventional solutions to problems to help build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations.


Bills are based on time or based on a project fee, depending on a client’s needs and the project at hand. Many clients prefer the flexibility and transparency of time based billing. Others prefer the predictability of a project fee.


RD never reveals sensitive information to outside parties. Works with many companies that are well known, but do not flaunt their names to brag about an extensive client portfolio across platform. All work done is sensitive to intellectual property and most of the time undisclosed, therefore RD places a high priority on confidentiality, and refuse to use them for marketing or endorsing purposes.

Conflict of interest

If RD becomes aware of any potential conflict of interest, RD will immediately advise client to ensure an appropriate resolution.

Serving everyone equally

Although RD always puts the client’s interest first, delivering more value than expected, this does not mean doing whatever the client asks, but rather doing what’s best for all stakeholders.