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Experience Profile

Over 30 years experience in the creation, connection and activation of business growth, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems...

Experience Profile


Rizél is totally proficient in consulting, coaching, advising in various sectors including travel + tourism, government, luxury brands, health, beauty, wellness, longevity and in communications, marketing, direct selling, advertising, writing, publishing, producing, campaign management, and business development…

She frequently acts as a journalist, PRO, brand, communication and marketing consultant, media relations, stakeholder relations, government relations – influencer facilitator, and content development specialist for various entities.

Rizél is also frequently invited by several prominent organisations to host and facilitate skills training workshops on creative concept design, content development, communications, business strategies, product design, film production, and digital marketing among others.

She further hosts wellness retreats for corporates and individuals – and consults with business people, entrepreneurs and executives on personal growth and development whilst cultivating and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

The past three years Rizél has travelled the world all over to further advance her expertise in various markets such as USA, Europe and Asia where she augmented her experience and expertise on Wellness, Luxury Brand + Business Management and in Guest, Customer and User Experience Analyst + Advisor.

Rizel’s team includes a wide range of experts and professionals who’s part of her supply chain when serving huge corporates with large projects.

Specialise In These Sectors…

Through years of journalism and serving clients, corporates, government entities and media houses, Rizél is fully knowledgeable and skilled in the following sectors and markets:

Primary: Mining (Geology + Gemmology + Metal)  + Energy + Agriculture

Secondary: Exploration + Engineering + Construction + Automotive (Motoring + Motorcycling) + Aviation + Shipping + Retail + Franchising + Luxury Brands

Tertiary (Service industries): Health + Longevity + Beauty + Wellness + Fitness + Hospitality + Travel + Tourism + Destination Management + Media + eCommerce

Quaternary (Intellectual + knowledge economy): Online Education + Research + Technological Innovation + Finance  + Commercial Property Investment + Property Development + Property Management + Conservation + Environment + Futurism

Quinary (high level decision makers): Socialism + Government + Business Management + Leadership + C-Level Relations + PPP

A Strategic Design Thinker….

Rizél Delano is a strategic thinker who can quickly sort through the clutter and find the best route for any project, product offering, campaign or endeavour.

Being strategic is not a skill that can be taught. It’s a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large which is what makes Rizél such a great and proficient consultant to work with.

She sees patterns and designs where others simply see complexity. Mindful of these patterns, she plays out alternative scenarios, always asking, “What if this happens? Okay, well what if this happens?”

This recurring question helps her see around the next corner and the next, taking an integral approach to every task.

She evaluates accurately the potential obstacles, guided by seeing where each path leads to, removing obstacles or potential issues before they appear, and making the right selections toward realising the vision.

Her intuitions are created by a brain that instinctively anticipates and projects, and she naturally sees a way when others are convinced there is no way, that’s why Rizel is so successful in everything she does.

Rizel’s innovative yet immediate procedural approach will be critical to the genesis of a new venture because it will keep its creators from developing deadly tunnel vision, or become bogged down by discussion or blocked by barriers, and ending the stalemate by creating a plan to get things moving again and spur others into action.

In her opinion – every business or individual she ever worked with no matter how sophisticated, successful or fully functional, had something they needed to change or add to their strategy – simply because innovation, information, markets and technology change so fast.

Creative Concept Designer

Strategies + Techniques + Concepts + Systems + Processes + Products + Campaign + Content Production

Rizél can naturally see how to turn ideas into action after systematically evaluating different scenarios and considering all the obstacles. As a result, she makes things happen with contagious and engaging energy. If you have an important project that needs a jumpstart and instant momentum – she’s the one to contract.

Relationship Building

Create opportunities to cultivate strong, long-lasting connections. Easily relate with all types of personalities and characters, able to form close and trusting relationships. More interested in the character and personality of others than in their status or job title.

Achiever and Activator

Rizél has strong inner discipline, focus and drive – an innate source of intensity, energy, and power that enable her to push hard to get things done. As a result, she often sets the pace and defines productivity levels for people who work with her (which can be demanding at times) – but always achieve objectives with meaningful outcomes.

Rizél’s day always starts out with training, healthy eating, and learning something new, either in health and wellness – tourism  or from the industry in which her clients operate, along with keeping abreast with marketing trends and relations needed to keep her skills and expertise current and on par.

Background Education

Rizél Delano matriculated at Monument High School in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa in 1984 and started out in direct selling in 1985, working for several direct marketing firms on a freelance basis.

Most sales and marketing training throughout her marketing career was done through Success Motivational Institute (SMI) and trial and error.

Areas of study: Creative Selling, Personal Time Control, Skills for Dealing with People, Personal Motivation, Personal Goal Setting, Human Relations, Business & Marketing Management, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Media Planning and Relations, Promotions, Event Co-ordination, Exhibition Management and Journalism.

She then followed a passion for writing and journalism, practicing for three years in the field and obtained various journalism expertise and accolades.

She started a Project Management Consultancy in Communications five years later  – and a bit after that branched out to construction and property development industries, believing that creating something bigger will satiate her innate need for design and expression.

In 2004, a change in her personal life pushed her more towards going deeper into and studying creative arts, travelling Southern + Eastern Africa, where she obtained vast experience in investigative journalism, travel journalism, publishing, film and documentary production covering socio-economic and environmental issues and concerns.

Throughout all endeavours RD learned a lot about PR being in contact with many agencies through journalism, and started to study the discipline working in freelance capacity for various entities and gained vast knowledge and experience in this field.

Taking knowledge from all her endeavours – today in 2018 she is well equipped to tackle a vast range of projects with high demands.

Personal Values

Health + Longevity + Wellbeing
Because of these values being on top of RD’s list – she is totally efficient and well-versed and knowledgeable within areas of health, nutrition, skincare, exercise regimes, movement, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, wave genetics and more. RD often consults on health, longevity, nutrition and well-being for health spa’s + corporates and individuals.


Travel is really something we all want, if not taking time off each year to travel during a deserved holiday – then dreaming of traveling the entire world one day.

RD’s work took her to far off countries and across Africa where she is frequently exposed to travel establishment and hospitality offerings, providing the opportunity to study guest appeal and experiences. Which means, she has vast expertise in the travel and tourism industries and often consults with companies operating in this sector. RD is currently developing tourism destinations in and around Africa in association with private and government partners.

In the past RD did a lot of solo travel features – and still take her backpack now and then to travel abroad and immerse in new cultures and experiences – writing about it in a freelance capacity.


Design + Quality + Comfort
Because aesthetics, design, grace, quality, comfort and style are high on RD’s value list, she obtained skills and knowledge capital within the luxury brand segment – purely because this industry focuses on  intricate designs, quality of materials and craftsmanship with a deep-lying story behind its making or origin.

Luxury brand consumers become a part of the legacy of great and distinguished people, and learn how they made it in life portrayed by the status it provides. True luxury is therefore highly personal and intuitive. It never copies, it leads. It surprises and takes risks. Qualities all brands should actually aim for.


Integrity + Morals + Ethics
Integrity: the definition of integrity is a state or condition of being whole, complete, unbroken, unimpaired, sound, in perfect condition. Without it nothing works says RD. There is a causal link between integrity and increased performance, quality of life, and value-creation for all entities. Integrity is thus a factor of production as important as knowledge and technology, yet its major role in productivity and performance has been largely hidden or unnoticed, or even ignored. Integrity exists in a positive realm devoid of normative content. Integrity is thus not about good or bad, or right or wrong, or what should or should not be.

RD distinguishes integrity as the objective state or condition of an object, system, person, group, or organisational entity, and, consistent with the Webster’s dictionary, which defines integrity as a state or condition of being whole, complete, unbroken, unimpaired, sound, perfect condition.

Integrity is thus a necessary condition for workability – something RD values highly.

Ethics: In a given group, ethics is the agreed upon standards of what is desirable and undesirable – of what is considered by that group as good behaviour – and may include a defined bases for discipline, or exclusion.

Morality: Morality is the accepted standards of a person of what is desirable or undesirable; of right and wrong conduct, and what is considered good by that person. RD values good morals highly in a workplace and often makes decisions based on this – even if it means not to proceed with that certain project if it violates this value.

Power + Mission words
Thought leader


Most Prominent Skills
Design Thinking
Instant decision making
Interactive storytelling
Turning one thing (story) into many things (repurpose on other platforms)
Subject Interviewing Skills – Probing To Get To Deeper Underlying Issues

Logic reasoning


Business Management
Business analysis
Business development
Business intelligence
Business management
Business storytelling
Project management
Relationship management
Reputation Management
Strategic planning
Hotel + resort management
Health Spa Management

​Organising: Project, process, product development management

Professional skills

Good Judgment
Instant decision making
Decoding (translate the inane verbiage of business into clear language)
Data analysis
Good Communication
Expert Knowledge
Good Listening Skills (identify and discard the BS to capture the truth within a message)
Understanding Roles and Responsibilities
Problem Solving
Synergetic efficiency
Cultural Sensitive
Link Intelligence (create meaning between different realities: to understand that a violent storm in the Gulf may affect oil production, which in turn jacks up fuel prices, which might hit an airline’s bottom line, etc)
Natural Leadership
Risk Identifier
Deadline Management
Interviewing skills

Embodies critical 21st century skills…
Efficient in critical and analytical thinking and reading
able to evaluate different points of view
able to scramble random thoughts and ideas with logic reasoning, and repack it into something useful or
informing other work with significant impact
know how to communicate
make things easy to understand
write easily from everyone’s point of view and fill their shoes, meaning can relate and empathise
know what to omit (unnecessary jargon and time-waters), what to understate (diplomacy), and what to bring out –important aspects overlooked by most
because being efficient in critical and analytical reading is good at identifying and solving problems
master at research, meaning developed a broad range of knowledge capital


Time Management
Task management

Adapting plans to changing circumstances
Allocating time for specific tasks
Analyzing processes and selecting the simplest way to accomplish a task
Breaking up projects into manageable parts
Creating daily, weekly and monthly “to do” lists

Prioritising requests and demands
Prioritising a list of projects and focusing on higher value tasks with more immediate deadlines
Reviewing performance and eliminating deviations from priorities
Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals
Setting realistic standards for quality and avoiding perfectionism

Interpersonal Skills
Active Listening
Conflict Resolution + Management
Constructive Criticism
Creative Thinking
Developing Rapport
Group Facilitating
Inspiring Trust
Positive Reinforcement
Problem Solving
Public Speaking
Relationship Management
Team Building

Storytelling – repurposed into various channels and mediums
Team Project Management



Technical systems + computing

Atlassian, Jira

Apple Mac
Microsoft Office
Google Drive

Adobe Photoshop
Data Visualisation
QGIS Geographic Information System (GIS)
Google Maps

Adobe Premiere Pro
After effects

File Management
Email Management
CRM (Customer Relations Management)
CMS (Content Management Systems)

Computer Networks
Installing Computer Software

Electronic Presentation