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Well equipped to tackle a vast range of project endeavours with high demands


Redirecting marketing budget investments to where they will do the most good...


What is IMC?

IMC is a process that involves the management and organisation of all ‘agents’ in the analysis, planning, implementation and control of all marketing communications, including its ‘contacts’ – media, messages and promotional tools – focused at selected target audiences in such a way as to derive the greatest enhancement and coherence of marketing communications effort to achieve predetermined objectives of ‘product’.



“If you want to come up with a solution – the truth is very important.” – Elon Musk

What it is

Research comprises creative and systematic work to increase the stock of knowledge to inform and devise new applications within a certain field.

When to use it

When you need truthful insights and intelligence on markets, products, its preferred communication channels, and competitor brands within these markets – and discovering barometers on efficacy of campaigns or any other project.

Why it's useful

  • To uncover the meaning, significance, impacts, causes, and effects of whatever market, subject or field we’re investigating
  • To advance the understanding and appreciation of a particular market or field, or develop products or practical applications based on findings, or advocate changes in policy and way forward


Rizél Delano is a strategic thinker who can quickly sort through the clutter and find the best route for any project, product offering, campaign or endeavour.

Being strategic is not a skill that can be taught. It’s a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large which is what makes Rizél such a great and proficient consultant to work with.

She sees patterns and designs where others simply see complexity. Mindful of these patterns, she plays out alternative scenarios, always asking, “What if this happens? Okay, well what if this happens?”

This recurring question helps her see around the next corner and the next, taking an integral approach to every task.

She evaluates accurately the potential obstacles, guided by seeing where each path leads to, removing obstacles or potential issues before they appear, and making the right selections toward realising the vision.

Her intuitions are created by a brain that instinctively anticipates and projects, and she naturally sees a way when others are convinced there is no way, that’s why Rizel is so successful in everything she does.

Rizel’s innovative yet immediate procedural approach will be critical to the genesis of a new venture because it will keep its creators from developing deadly tunnel vision, or become bogged down by discussion or blocked by barriers, and ending the stalemate by creating a plan to get things moving again and spur others into action.

In her opinion – every business or individual she ever worked with no matter how sophisticated, successful or fully functional, had something they needed to change or add to their strategy – simply because innovation, information, markets and technology change so fast.

Through years of journalism and serving clients, corporates, government entities and media houses, Rizél is fully knowledgeable and skilled in the following sectors and markets:

Primary: Mining (Geology + Gemmology + Metal)  + Energy + Agriculture

Secondary: Exploration + Engineering + Construction + Automotive (Motoring + Motorcycling) + Aviation + Shipping + Retail + Franchising + Luxury Brands

Tertiary (Service industries): Health + Longevity + Beauty + Wellness + Fitness + Hospitality + Travel + Tourism + Destination Management + Media + eCommerce

Quaternary (Intellectual + knowledge economy): Online Education + Research + Technological Innovation + Finance  + Commercial Property Investment + Property Development + Property Management + Conservation + Environment + Futurism

Quinary (high level decision makers): Socialism + Government + Business Management + Leadership + C-Level Relations + PPP


As manager of sales, marketing, communications, and content, RD recruits, trains, coaches, organises, supervises, oversees and manages teams, assisting them to perform their daily activities at high performance levels in so to reach set target successfully with well-developed strategies.

RD sets clear visions and goals with a detailed plan to achieve them, and implements personal (individualised) motivation and performance measures (as each team member requires different motivation linked to their own values) all of which to ensure focus and engagement.

With excellent mentoring, coaching and people management skills, RD delivers business goals  and visions with high ethics and morals, and great teamwork.

Destination Management includes: Research + Development + Marketing

RD consults on, and develops programs, experiences and marketing initiatives to increase the competitiveness of an area’s tourism industry by evaluating the scope and diversity of existing and potential tourism resources; providing guidelines for their conversion into quality tourism products based on research of current and future market trends; and, addressing the national and regional challenges of product similarity and lack of product diversity with the ultimate aim of increasing tourist arrivals (including repeat visitors), increasing their length of stay and thereby, spreading the economic benefits of tourism to all parts of the area.

RD formulates detailed marketing and promotional campaigns for the sector, taking into account the quality and quantity of tourism products, the diversity of domestic, regional and international source markets, image, reputation and positioning, branding, quality and distribution of promotional materials and institutional mechanisms for marketing and promotion, including public-private partnership.

RD assists establishments and operators to promote their services and can include transportation, accommodation, restaurants, activities, experiences, excursions, conference venues, themed events, gala dinners and logistics, meetings, incentive schemes

As a destination management entity RD also offers professional services to international corporations and C-Level Executives by applying local knowledge, expertise and resources to inform the design and  implementation of their planned events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.

More about Destination Management and RD's Tourism Services here...

“The way to gain good reputation is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear.” Socrates

What it is

Reputation is the overall estimation in which an organisation is held by its internal and external stakeholders based on its past actions and probability of its future behaviour. The organisation may have a slightly different reputation with each stakeholder according to their experiences in dealing with the organisation or in what they have heard about it from others.

When to use it

The two main sources of a corporate reputation are experience and information – a person’s past dealings with your organisation and the extent and nature of their direct and indirect communication with you. So the only time you would need to manage reputation is when these sources deliver harmful and disruptive messages about your company. Reputation can therefore not really be managed but should be integral to daily life. Reputation should always be upheld and maintained.

Why it's useful

The main benefits of a good reputation are:

  • Customer preference in doing business with you when other companies’ products and services are available at a similar cost and quality
  • Your ability to charge a premium for products and services
  • Stakeholder support for your organisation in times of controversy and crisis
  • Your organisation’s value in the financial marketplace

"Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning." ~ Winston Churchill

What it is

Project management is the way a person organises and manages resources that are necessary to complete a project. A project is a piece of work which is not a process or an operation, but which has a start, an end, and specific goals.

When to use it

The ability to plan and execute projects is critical to an organisation’s ability to bring about change, and an important tool for any organisation that has to meet tight deadlines with limited resources.

Why it's useful

Project management is important because it ensures proper expectations are set around what can be delivered, by when, and for how much. Managing short lead-times and on-time delivery systems is a distinctive business competence to improve performance. Project Management defines how each part of the project should be organised to deliver the objectives and outcomes wanted, and accordingly selects a winning team of project partners, professionals, experts and specialist to perform each facet of the project plan.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." --Alan Kay


What it is

A campaign is the process of connecting a series of operations – expertly executed to get audience attention and bring about a particular and meaningful goal, result or change.

When to use it

  • Fundraising for foundations and causes
  • Raising money for the conservational and, environmental related socio-economic initiatives to the benefit of all
  • Informing and educating the public about a cause or new project or product that can improve and benefit their lives
  • Changing behaviour and attitudes around old schools of thought or myths
  • Persuading people to support something – looming concerns or potential disasters
  • Campaigns that build a positive image for an organisation or a brand

Why it's useful

A successful campaign achieves all of the following desired outcomes and goals:

  • The cause, message or story successfully reaches the intended and targeted audience
  • The message is clearly understood by the audience – and makes a personal impact
  • It stimulates, educates, enlightens and empowers
  • It carries a clear call to action
  • The audience takes this action

Change Management

Change management is the process, tools and techniques to manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcome. Change management incorporates the organisational tools that can be utilised to help individuals make successful personal transitions, such as prepare, equip and support.

RD provides a structured approach for supporting the individuals in your organisation to move from their own current states to their own future states.


Aligning your company’s culture, values, people, and behaviours to encourage and realise the desired results – considering the four characteristics of change: scale (who are affected), magnitude (significant alterations of the status quo), duration (months, if not years), and strategic importance. Change occurs mostly at the level of the individual employee, the reason why IMCBR’s change management includes a robust employee relation campaign.

PR events (launches, conferences, seminars, trade shows, brand experiences)

  • Create and execute special events designed for public outreach and media relations with opportunities to expand business contacts
  • Gain maximum media exposure at all events
  • Event collateral deliverance across all communication channels to ensure pre- and post-event awareness and brand recognition
  • Securing media interviews and provide complete media kits with releases, photos, videos

Public Relations

Public Relations is one of the most successful methods of communicating your value to those around you.

PR is all about building relationships and good networking skills which enable you to enhance the relationships you already have – form new ones and increase the scope of your network. The larger the scope – the more people know you and talk about you.

RD creates opportunities to cultivate strong, long-lasting connections. Easily relate with all types of personalities and characters, able to form close and trusting relationships. More interested in the character and personality of others than in their status or job title.

Broad sector expertise

With a background that spans widely across prime sectors of the economy and Journalism I have the skills to communicate various topics, subjects and issues with the same authority and passion as a client. This means that I can understand the needs of even the most niche technical applications, and turn them into clear, engaging and newsworthy messages to help entities communicate products, services or technology to any target audience.


Counselling management at all levels in the organisation with regards to policy decisions, courses of action and communication, taking into account public ramifications and the organisation’s social or citizenship responsibilities


Researching, conducting and evaluating, on a continuing basis, programs of action and communication to achieve the informed public understanding necessary to the success of your organisation’s aims. Planning and implementing efforts to influence or change public opinion

Investor Relations and Financial Communication

Keeping existing shareholders satisfied with the right information, on a timely basis, and attracting new investors, in so to ensure your company’s share price is fairly valued, while simultaneously maintaining regulatory compliance in the capital markets, are key goals of the IR function – This includes financial information, intangibles, risk, value, and growth, socially responsible investing, corporate governance, shareholder activism, morals + ethics + professionalism

Stakeholder Relations

Develop relationships across all organisational stakeholders through effective communication, strategies and opportunities. Stakeholders may include employees, supply chain, investors, shareholders, government, industry bodies – basically anyone and everyone who may have an impact on the company’s desired objectives and outcomes

By now everyone knows media exposure can greatly help promoting a business or brand, especially during tough economic times when marketing budgets are low and competition high.

With all live campaigns the media will be present:

  • Finding the right media and influencers to spread your message exactly right
  • Engage them well enough for them to want to talk about your brand or company
  • Help you deal with intimidating media and their questions
  • Help you to build relationships with them to ensure a good communication flow
  • Identify real ROI after engaging with the media or influencers

Leveraging the power of the media and today’s new influencers can help you stand out from the competition and grow company and brand awareness tremendously without exhausting your budget or resources.

Media Interaction

  • Writing and distributing
  • Pitching newsworthy stories
  • Media training to offer valuable knowledge and insight to journalists and analysts

Effectively bring your company’s messages across and represent the brand ethically and reputably in the media

Influencing the influencers…

Arrange specialised trips for brands to interact with  influencers. This includes:

  • Press trips
  • Product placements
  • Competitions
  • # campaigns

What media?

Although RD has an extensive contact list of media and influencers with whom she built strong relations – each campaign targets a different media contact set and is therefore continually updated to suit your criteria and message demands.

Executive Profiling

Arranges enhanced personal presence and visibility with speaker opportunities to a highly relevant audience at leading industry events and conferences
Speech writing

Thought Leadership Articles + Training

You don’t tell people what to do. You inspire them to actualise your vision. Leadership is the attitude assumed by those looking for something different, who are committed to achieving a goal and whose conviction they manage to transmit to others through enthusiasm and optimism to reach a common goal.

RD helps you better understand the impact you as a leader can have on individuals, team performance and your industry through thought leadership activations.

Benefits of CSR are:

  • Better brand recognition
  • Positive business reputation
  • Increased sales and customer loyalty
  • Greater ability to attract talent and retain staff
  • Organisational growth
  • Easier access to capital


Creative and educational content influences buying decisions...

RD produces professional text and imagery solutions and content assets that influences buyers' decision making.

Content strategy helps you provide the right content, to the right people, at the right times, for the right reasons. It identifies the elements and variables that will influence success, determine what success actually looks like, then allocate resources in accordance to obtaining that success.

  • Content ideas and conceptions and prioritisation (marketing divisions)
  • Content creation and development (content creators + content canvas + content formats + content workflow and scheduling)
  • Content distribution (communication channel plan)
  • Content amplification with campaigns (influencers, their channels and media channels)
  • Content repurposing
  • KPIs – the high-level metrics selected as the most critical to success

Delivering Work That Engages, Evokes Emotion And Gives Meaning…

Creative and educational content influences buying decisions...

RD Produces professional text and imagery solutions and assets – Delivering Work That Engages, Evokes Emotion And Gives Meaning…

Strategies + Techniques + Concepts + Systems + Processes + Products + Campaign + Content Production

Rizél can naturally see how to turn ideas into action after systematically evaluating different scenarios and considering all the obstacles. As a result, she makes things happen with contagious and engaging energy. If you have an important project that needs a jumpstart and instant momentum – she’s the one to contract.

Copywriting is persuasion in text. It’s the skill not only one-to-one, but one to many.
Imagine if you could sell and influence tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people every single day, and get them to buy what you’re selling… even if you’re not physically present.

Copywriting is used in all of the below…

Website (Search Engine Optimised)

  • Webpages
  • Marketing landing pages
  • Articles
  • Blogposts
  • Digital
  • Branded content 



  • Google adwords + banners
  • FaceBook banner ads + posts
  • Instagram banner ads + posts
  • Twitter banners + posts
  • YouTube


  • Video commercial scripts
  • Corporate video scripts
  • Documentary
  • Film


  • Magazine + newspaper display adverts
  • Advertorials
  • Brochures



  • Radio commercials scripts
  • TV commercial scripts 


  • Billboard copy
  • Street side posters


  • Banners + Wall posters
  • Flyers 


  • Press release
  • Pitches + Motivations

Brand Journalism

  • Branded Content
  • Reviews on products
  • Features (entertaining and human interest stories)
  • Opinion pieces (take a position or stand on an issue)
  • Thought leadership (expertise-driven pieces that discuss best practices and provide new thinking on a specific component of business industry trends)
  • People profiles (zero to hero stories)
  • Educational pieces – how to tips (like how to save fuel when driving in the city)
  • Issues-based articles
  • In-depth – investigative pieces giving perspective on a relevant topic 

Imagery + Audio

  • Video: Full digital production from conceptualising, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution
  • Photography: Cover everything related to planned content
  • Animated Graphics: 2D and 3D productions, delivering professional motion graphics
  • Infographics: Graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge
  • Illustrations: Using any visual representation or depiction of related content to elucidate textual information
  • Audio: Radio broadcasts and podcast interviews
  • Maps: Visual communication of information and data through cartography and illustrations
  • Web documentary: Tying all creative elements together to tell a highly interactive story online

Independent Documentary Productions

There is no better, more powerful way to place your subject or cause on international agenda than with a documentary
Documentaries are among the most valuable forms of content delivery – but so far a totally undervalued and neglected form of educational art.

They aren’t all good obviously – depending on who produced it – but the best of them are intriguing, unusual, persuasive, seductive…

And offer a real experience – filling some of the void left by the pretentiousness of social media – and restrictions of television reporting.

Docs focus on serious subjects which affect all human life, attracting a large audience for certain subjects ranging from the disappearance of honeybees to the effects of Monsanto’s forceful presence and poison in drinking water.

As authentic journalism has been hard hit with the advent of social media – documentaries are filling a vacant space and supplying much needed information which not only keep audiences informed but sometimes allow them to take action.

Docs subsist at the intersection of education, contemporary culture, journalism, film narrative and entertainment – aiming to to interpret or analyse but most of all to capture human experiences, inform audiences, and tell stories of empowerment or deceit.

In their attractiveness docs can seem more real than reality – capturing the deeper essence and bring to light which otherwise would not have been known.

Investigative Journalist

Sometimes RD deeply investigates a single topic of interest, such as political corruption, corporate wrongdoing and environmental concerns.

Interpretive (or interpretative) journalism

This goes beyond the basic facts of an event or topic to provide context, analysis, and possible consequences. Since one must have a broad familiarity with and understanding of the subject, and looking for patterns, motives, and influences that explain the issue, RD investigates the topics that has a huge interest for her - which incorporate a wide range of subjects.

Special causes

Ties brands with CSE projects to report on social economic and CSR issues.

Editorials + Features

Feature articles, opinion pieces, thought leadership articles, human interest stories, investigative reporting and news, photojournalism, video broadcast

Had Published Article Placements In These Newspapers:

South African: Caxton, Natal Witness, Witness Weekend, Pretoria News, Sunday Times Lifestyle, Star (IOL Travel), Africa Independent (IOL) Abroad: LA Times, Boston Global

And These Consumer Magazines:

Automotive Industry: Speed and Sound, Two Wheels, SA 4×4, Leisure Wheels, Bikers Lifestyle, Bike SA, Marie Claire, True Love, Beautiful Brides, Baby Gro, Waiting Room, Restless Me, Transitions Abroad, International Living, Marco Polo, GoNomad, Travel and leisure, Travel Africa

And These Trade Magazines:

CapeMedia Publications: Leadership, Opportunity, Achiever, Energy Forecast, Mining Prospectus, Ubuntu, Explore, Leaders in Wellness, Blue Chip, Black Business Quarterly (BBQ), Harvest SA, Sport, Road Ahead,  Project Manager, Service

And These Inflight Magazines:

Khulula, Sawobona, Mango Juice


Online streaming broadcasting:

Broadcast interviews; Business Network Radio, Alive to Green, Tomorrows Leaders Convention, SMME Opportunity Roadshows, Clean Business International, Skills Development Summit, BBQ Awards



  • Cover stories in Leadership x 8
  • Nominated for Ubuntu Tubbies Award for article on Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma UN Chairperson (Leadership mag)



“Rizel Delano is one of my regular contributors for both my publications: Opportunity and Ubuntu. Throughout the years she delivered exceptional written content, well researched and always delivered on time. I can recommend her for anything as she is always willing to partake in any project.” – Tracee Harvard – Editor: Cape Media Publications

“Rizel is a well versed and experienced writer. She has written countless articles for Leadership with around five of them reaching cover status. If I look for a writer to interview a CEO, I always think of Rizel first.” – Lindsay King – Editor: Leadership Magazine


See a list of all published work here:


RD develops a step by step, solid sales and marketing strategy followed by an implementation schedule, where all the tools work together to serve one major goal: business development and increase profits.

Using a catalyst (the bold and powerful statements that indicate what a company stands for, where they are going, and what matters to customers and employees), RD strips away distractions and hone in on what matters most - incorporating long-term brand commitment that exemplify a company’s purpose and strategy.

With F2F sales, RD helps teams to build customers’ trust, and increase customer conversions with an tailored client/customer centric approach, fulfilling their needs and requirements by matching it with proper solutions.

Online marketing  - specialising in advertising media buying and optimisation. RD aims to build long-term partnerships and place clients’ ROI objectives at the heart of each marketing project.

Performing an online search before making a purchase has become second nature to many shoppers. SEO acts as the gateway to the web, and advertisers must be willing to invest in it to capture a broad range of free and qualified traffic. SEO permeates all the stages of a site’s lifecycle: its creation, redesigns, new product pages, navigation optimisation, content creation.

Social networks have become inseparable from the lives of online users and act as powerful influencing forces. Each network has its particular strength. The goals of advertising on social networks may vary, from building the brand’s image, increasing visibility to generate traffic, engaging with a user community, supporting a promotional campaign.

The use of programmatic buying is exploding and represents an ever-increasing share of display media purchases. The maturity of the underlying technologies, and the spread of data management platforms make it possible to reach well defined targets effectively and on a large scale, across all devices. Many advertisers have been seduced by the promise of real-time ad generation to personalise their messages and reach each individual at the most propitious time.

Advertising Production: Print + Broadcast + Video

Media Placement: Book + Buying space

You can collect all the data in the world, but it will be useless if it’s not relevant to your business and your objectives. This is why it’s important to co-create your data and media strategies as far in advance as possible.

  • The first stage consists of defining your business goals, such as acquiring new customers or increasing your sales revenue.
  • Based on that, we identify operational objectives and the KPIs that will allow us to measure how close you are to reaching those objectives.

Customer + Guest Relations

RD analyses the current customer experience and derives an action plan to help you bridge the gap between what your brand promises and what it delivers.


Product Development

RD develops tour itineraries, products and experiences as a means to help visitors understand and appreciate a destination. These are developed around a particular theme to attract visitors and increase their length of stay. This diversification of tourism assets can spread benefits to small businesses and rural communities while reducing pressure on the most frequently visited areas.

All great inventions started with an idea. 

Product Concept design is a vital phase in product development that includes technology, styling, usability and user experience.

RD starts the conceptual design’s creation, incorporating many ideas for the product development and explores the boundaries of the product’s possibilities. Establish what works and what doesn’t and considers what best fits the product and appeal to the target market.

Concept design services help select the best ideas with visuals and specifications for technical and commercial valuation, then move forward for design development.

The product concept is the starting point for a new product. A lot of time and efforts must be put in at this stage. Because this is the foundation of your product.



  • Set KPI Areas – Establish Benchmarks (KPI) + What Would Make This A Success
  • Objectives – Objectives Tied To Broader Business Goals

For Strategies That Drive Greatest Business Impact + Overall Strategic Experimentation

  • Monitor – Company Feedback + Media Mentions + Supply Chain Feedback
  • Measure – Quantify Event/Project Experience + Media Exposure Received
  • Analyse – Honestly Objectively Evaluate Event/Project + Work
  • Report – Balanced Scorecard + Final Assessment Of Success + Mistakes + Overall Impact

Market Intelligence Reporting

  • Provide market intelligence to inform business growth strategies
  • Provide market intelligence on new market and communications strategies and assess effectiveness of the communication messages
  • Highlight specific issues relevant to brand or company to action
  • Highlight specific issues that can affect corporate and brand reputation
  • Show market sentiment
  • Customer behaviour, customer opinions and requirements, customer grievances Show where strengths and weaknesses are communications strategy
  • Identify new business opportunities and ideas
  • Save time by ignoring irrelevant functions and improve productivity of PR staff
  • Solve problems pertaining to your business and hence expand your horizons, making scope for more business opportunities.
  • Extracting data into a structured format helps bring ideas and resources together and interconnects people, practices, and customers to build knowledge.
  • Identify Best Opportunities For Future Growth



  • Strategist
  • Organised
  • Design Thinker  (+ visionary thinking)
  • Analytical  (+ synthesis skills)
  • Creative
  • Logic reasoning
  • Instant decision making
  • Proactively manage expectations
  • Activator + Achiever
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Influence opinion and behaviour
  • Accomplished writer
  • Highly curious and exploratory
  • Handle new, uncertain, unexpected, threatening or complex situations quite well
  • Can formulate any single problem in a highly diverse range of ways, and can generate a large number of solutions.
  • Excellent presentation and public speaking skills
  • PM + Remote Team Collaboration: Atlassian, Jira, Asana, Trello, Slack, Flock, Loom, Appear, Skype,, RingCentral, Zoom
  • Processing: Windows, Apple Mac, Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, Box, Dropbox
  • Design: WordPress (website), Adobe Photoshop (graphic), Illustrator
  • Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro, After effects, Audition, (cloud editing)
  • Database: File Management, Email Management, CRM (Customer Relations Management), CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Presentation: Google Slides, Powerpoint, freestyle
  • Ethical
  • Dependable
  • Trustworthy
  • Professional
  • Reputable
  • Transparent (open and direct)
  • Approachable
  • Conscientious
  • Extravertive + Convincing
  • Assertive
  • Pleasant to work with
  • Resilient
  • Career + Business + Travel
  • Health + Longevity + Wellbeing
  • Integrity + Morals + Ethics
  • Design + Quality + Comfort