But it does now, if you want your child to have the edge in life to be super successful, it’s called Mothers of Dragons…

Here be dragons…

From ancient Greek and Chinese myths, to JRR Tolkien’s father of Dragons Glaurung, and the last great dragon of Middle-earth Smaug, to George RR Martin’s three dragons of Game of Thrones, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion – the legends and tales of dragons are some of the most enduring and romanticized throughout history. 

While some view and describe dragons as monsters and weapons of mass destruction, others like author R.De’Lano uses dragons as symbols of strength, courage, power and inspiration – and as a metaphor to describe people who have achieved significant success throughout the ages.

In her new book Mother of Dragons… R.De’Lano adapted from Game of Thrones’ most popular character 

Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen and Mother of Dragons, to illustrate how mothers over the world raised real life dragons in their own right. 

People who took great strides in overcoming obstacles to become great, or grasped the opportunities of the time they lived in, to make a difference and boost humanity.

“Daenerys Stormborn was the inspiration behind this book, and which now serves, in the book, as a metaphor for all mothers of past, present and future dragons, meaning, people recognised as being successful, powerful, influential and who made, and still make, a significant contribution to this world during the times they lived in, and which will last into the future,” says R.De’Lano.

Just like Daenerys has brought together the elements perfect for those dragons to hatch… nobody else better than each specific mother of each of these dragons, with her own character and unique qualities, would have been able to bring forth the exact elements needed to birth and raise that specific real-life dragon.

“It takes a life to give a life, and with blood, fire and a pure Targaryen descendant, all the elements come together for a dragon to hatch,” explains R.De’Lano. “In the same way, each mother featured in the book, brought the right conditions, directly or indirectly, for their children to reach great heights.”

Even though Daenerys was the inspiration, the various dragons outlined form the foundation for the exact world we live in today. If it were not for their great work and contributions, the world would have looked much different. 

“The influence their mothers’ had on their lives, alive or not, and how it shaped their decisions in life, directly or not, and how it made the ‘dragon hatch’ was instrumental in what the dragons did, or the way they did it.”

R.De’Lano says the book described what each mother had to go through, and what it took to raise successful children with helpful recommendations on how other mothers can do the same or even better.

“After researching content for this book, I realised how important it is for any mother to evaluate her own past thoroughly, her heritage and certain elements of her own upbringing, and then carefully decide what elements she would take forward when raising her children to fit the futureworld in which they would live and have to survive or thrive.”

“And absolutely, there’s a potential dragon, a future fire-breather in everyone, every child. You just need to get the magic right, each specific mother with her own unique qualities, able to bring forth the exact qualities to raise that specific dragon-child… and maybe not with blood and fire, but most definitely with sweat, tears and love.”

R.De’Lano hopes the book will inspire and equip mothers to raise and guide their children to go out and achieve, to become great. Through the stories highlighted, mothers can decide what type of mother they want to be, taking insights or lessons from those of the past and building upon that. 

Although the dragons outlined in the book (like Elon Musk, Jeff Besoz, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Richard Branson and Ruth Bader Gingsburg), set the bar or benchmarks for what is possible as probably the highest of achievements possible on this planet today, it’s merely outlined to give inspiration and share their stories so mothers can see: it really does not take rocket science to hatch a dragon, all it takes is a few tweaks and planned strategies.

If these dragons can do it, anyone can too. If mothers of these dragons could do it, so can any mother.  Just like Daenerys brought together the elements perfect for her dragons to hatch, with her fire, her passion, her bloodline, her desire, so should every parent bring together the elements of their own lives, background, environment and desires to help make real what their children deserve.

“I always believed… as a mother myself – it’s much better to want to control the best outcome for your child and learn everything possible to be equipped sufficiently enough to deliver the best environments and opportunities for the best outcomes possible, for myself and my son.”

While mothers and their dragon-children may not have to raid countries or declare wars as in Game of Thrones, each human being has their own conflicts and battles raging, either within or in the outside world. 

They made, or still make, sacrifices and overcome challenges, each one dealing with adversity or emotional turmoils and struggles when walking into the unknown every day, and mothers need all the help they can get.

When reading the book, about the lives of the mothers, it’s strangely comforting, as each Dragon and their Mother, with their own unique story of how they built their kingdoms and castles – mirror what each mother is going through.

The main reason why R.De’Lano wrote the book was to show how important it is for mothers to know what the future holds in so to prepare their children for the best opportunities.

In the previous centuries, (meaning the 20th and 21st centuries), humans greatly expanded on what was possible during restricted times and few opportunities. Today the future is exploding into new industries and current systems are simply outdated to properly raise or prepare children for what’s to come. And it is the parent’s responsibility to at least know and ask questions about what the future holds for their kids.

These dragons made a significant change in life as it was then in their milieu, in life right now – and whose work will still have an impact on the future. Of course no dragon could act alone, most if not all, built upon the groundwork that was laid by others before them, and they were merely highlighted to illustrate the message. The message that anyone can learn from the past, be informed about the future, and what it would take to survive in it.

“The other reason why I wrote this book was to find what it would take to succeed, what successful people did to achieve, so others can follow the same, and most importantly how their mothers raised them, after all, the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world as poet William Ross Wallace said.”

And it is important to learn from history, first not to repeat the mistakes of the past, and second, the quality of history gets diluted in modern times, but history still holds substance and authenticity to consider.

R.De’Lano says if nothing else, the book will make mothers more confident and smarter, and stocked with great content to support mothers in parenthood, maybe the best $18 they would ever spend. 

Mothers Of Dragons

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