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Monitoring + Analytics + Reporting

Objectives + KPA + KPI

  • Set KPI Areas – Establish Benchmarks (KPI) + What Would Make This A Success
  • Objectives – Objectives Tied To Broader Business Goals


For Strategies That Drive Greatest Business Impact + Overall Strategic Experimentation

Monitor + Measure

  • Monitor – Company Feedback + Media Mentions + Supply Chain Feedback
  • Measure – Quantify Event/Project Experience + Media Exposure Received

Analyse + Report

  • Analyse – Honestly Objectively Evaluate Event/Project + Work
  • Report – Balanced Scorecard + Final Assessment Of Success + Mistakes + Overall Impact

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence Reporting

  • Provide market intelligence to inform business growth strategies
  • Provide market intelligence on new market and communications strategies and assess effectiveness of the communication messages
  • Highlight specific issues relevant to brand or company to action
  • Highlight specific issues that can affect corporate and brand reputation
  • Show market sentiment
  • Customer behaviour, customer opinions and requirements, customer grievances Show where strengths and weaknesses are communications strategy
  • Identify new business opportunities and ideas
  • Save time by ignoring irrelevant functions and improve productivity of PR staff
  • Solve problems pertaining to your business and hence expand your horizons, making scope for more business opportunities.
  • Extracting data into a structured format helps bring ideas and resources together and interconnects people, practices, and customers to build knowledge.
  • Identify Best Opportunities For Future Growth