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“If you want to come up with a solution – the truth is very important.” – Elon Musk


Research + Interpretation

Research comprises creative and systematic work to increase the stock of knowledge to inform and devise new applications within a certain field.

RD operates as an independent market, communications and brand research entity  – delivering insights and intelligence on new products, new markets, its preferred communication channels, and competitor brands within these markets – and research on efficacy of campaigns or any other project.

By using surveys, studies, and focus groups to collect data, RD has two primary objectives:

  • To uncover the meaning, significance, impacts, causes, and effects of whatever market, subject or field we’re investigating
  • To advance the understanding and appreciation of a particular market or field, or develop products or practical applications based on findings, or advocate changes in organisation’s policy

A typical research project proposal would include: 

  1. Defining required research in terms of achievable aims, realistic estimates of time, manpower and resources needed – and budget control
  2. Providing a step by step plan of how RD intends to carry this out

Areas Of Research

Consumer Markets

  • Redefining consumer habits, behaviours, ability and willingness to interact with the brand and products
  • Investigating new markets
  • Determining competitiveness over competitors in the same market

Product and service lines

  • Determine how a new product will fare in existing markets
  • How existing products will fare in new markets
  • How new products will fare in new markets

Marketing and advertising projects

  • Determining the efficacy of existing projects
  • Determining whether a planned endeavour will be successful

Independent Research

RD does independent research projects pertaining to brand management, reputation, communication and business operation to ensure clients are always well-informed.


R&D – to create new technology or information that can improve the effectiveness of products or make the production of products more efficient.

Before any new product is released into the marketplace, it goes through a significant research phase and development phase. Research is conducted into a product’s market opportunity, cost and production timeline. After adequate research, the new product enters the development phase, where it is actually created from the concept laid out during the research phase.

RD’s systematic approach combines basic and applied research, aimed at discovering solutions to problems or creating new goods and knowledge.

Basic research is systematic study aiming at fuller, more complete knowledge and understanding of the fundamental aspects of a concept or a phenomenon. It is generally the first step performed to give a comprehensive understanding of information without directed applications toward products, policies or operational processes.

Applied research is the systematic study and gleaning of knowledge and understanding to apply to determining and developing products, policies or operational processes.

While basic research is time-consuming, applied research is painstaking and more costly due to its detailed and complex nature.

RD  has the ability to produce high-quality written work and research papers – clearly composed so that the argument, and the evidence that supports it, can be easily grasped.

RD’s research team has specialised knowledge and expertise, along with conceptual and intellectual capacities such as the ability to identify and frame key problems, think critically and analytically, use sources effectively, analyse text, data and theory, and generate and communicate interesting and original insights.

RD works with high ethics and standards, takes initiative and responsibility, is well organised in procedures and balanced in judgements.