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As an Author….

Rizel De’lano pulls from cutting edge science-backed research and the most brilliant minds during interviews with some of the world’s most prominent achievers in various industries to bring you vital, potentially life changing information. 

With 30-year research and insights gained from mythology, history, science, biology, business psychology, and communications – R.De’Lano takes readers into a fascinating world of challenges and opportunity, masterfully portrayed in captivating, entertaining books, articles and journals.


Mothers of Dragons

It’s said motherhood does not come with a handbook.

It does now, if you want your child to have the edge in life to be super successful, it’s called Mothers of Dragons…

Non Fiction

Release date: August 2020

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Tea and Muffins

There is nothing a cup of tea cannot fix… In a study of what people wanted as their last wish before dying, they said just a cup of tea…

Muffins on the other hand creates quite a mess…

Non Fiction

Release Date: January 2021

Keepers Of The Flame

The fires that fist ignited the world have been kept alive by only a handful of the philosopher kings, who’ve united every 100 years, arriving to the circle from every corner of the earth, each with their individual flame, to reignite the master flame – and this year, it was time again… the circle was complete, but very broken…


Release Date: December 2021

Who Is Human


Non Fiction

Release Date: June 2022

The Elon Musk Next Door

“I’m going to marry Elon Musk,” I told Lorenzo… who laughed at my absurd declaration.

It was no joke to me though, but what did happen was, it set me on a journey of discovery, learning all about the man I wished to call my husband, however, I soon found tens of Elon Musk’s in the neighborhood, which got me thinking…

Creative Non Fiction

Release Date: December 2022

King Of Gods

Who is this King that ruled all the Gods? Who is this King that all other kings, queens, gods and goddesses would bow to? And why would they?


Release Date: December 2023


How To Write Adventure Fantasy That Could Earn You A Fortune in Book, Movie, TV Series or Gaming Deals

How To Write Adventure Fantasy That Could Earn You A Fortune in Book, Movie, TV Series or Gaming Deals Three Day Creative Writing Workshop In Stunning Locations The oldest literature is fantasy fiction. From The Epic of Gilgamesh to The Odyssey to Beowulf, to Game of Thrones, the fantasy stories…

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Previously Published


Hinane is a historical action adventure set in the 5th century, based on the legend of Tin Hinan, the remarkable woman who founded the Tuareg nation of Northern Africa.
Beautiful, tall, powerful and mysterious, as a young and robust warrior, but inexperienced in all else, she flees from a certain death, venturing from Tafilalt oasis in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, to Ahaggar mountain in modern day Algeria, struggling to find acceptance in her new home.
With determination and courage she advances to be the first and most famous queen (Tamenokalt) of the Tuaregs, a spiritual leader and irresistible matriarch, combining honour with authority and conviction.
As queen she establishes a kingdom in the Ahaggar mountain of Algeria. Even though with much interference, she still manages to unite the Tuareg nation with a legacy so great that even today, 1560 years later, the two million Tuaregs (blue people of the desert) still call her ‘Mother of Us All’.
Her story deserves to be told.

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