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Rizél De’Lano

Rizél De’Lano (RDL) is curious about how things work in getting to understand life and all its constituencies, which means, she has a vast interest in various topics and over the years investigated philosophy, mythology, history, society, human behaviour, health, wellbeing, science, biology,  business strategy, leadership, communications, marketing, public relations, image, reputation, branding, journalism, publishing, producing, product development, and content direction.

Over the past 30 years as investigative journalist, RDL has grown in tandem with rapidly changing times to stay relevant in various sectors of the economy, gained much experience and competence in various subjects, and is now positioned as an authority on many subjects and industries, including:

  • Luxury brand management in sectors: fashion, beauty, travel, tourism, hospitality, health, longevity, wellbeing, real estate, and property development
  • Social and environmental issues surrounding: mining, geology, gemmology, precious metals, energy, agriculture, textile, automotive, aviation, shipping, construction, engineering

RDL works with a strong code of morals, ethics and professional integrity, honesty and objectivity, which is the main reason why she works totally independent from any agency or publisher to bring you clear, easily understood, accurate, credible, reliable and trustworthy information.

In investigating topics, RDL adheres to strict codes, principles and policies that include clinical and applied research using the scientific method, deep-dive interviews, and collaborative assessments by advisors, experts and achievers – because before any credible information can be published, full and integral understanding needs to be reached.

RDL is a critical thinker with well-developed skills of: close observation, analysis, scrutinising facts, interpreting big data, reflection, evaluation, inference, drawing reasonable conclusions from the information, discriminating between useful and less useful details, and making reasoned judgments on findings, and explaining information objectively.

Apart from making good conversation and debating on many topics, RDL quickly sorts through the clutter and finds the best routes and outcomes with strategic thought. Being strategic is not a skill that can be taught. It’s a distinct way of thinking, a special perspective on the world at large, which is what makes RDL such a diverse author with written works in various genres, professions and dominions: business, creative, and fiction.

As leadership journalist: RDL interviewed some of the best C-Level leaders, achievers and successful entrepreneurs, learning about their strategies for achieving thought leadership, personal success, and discovering how they led their teams to peak performance, how important it is to have an identity, to have clarity, to have the credentials and the habits for creating a meaningful and valuable personal brand.

As a writer, RDL read more than 900 books on personal development, business, achievement, success and then converted that into practical steps in the form of articles, reports, whitepapers and ebooks for corporate clients. 

She reviewed more than 300 factual documentaries on history, world issues, social, politics and humanities – interpreting what was observed into possible actions or solutions.

As a fiction author RDL takes readers through fascinating worlds of challenges and opportunity, masterfully portrayed in captivating, entertaining books, features, stories and journals.

As a single-mother RDL has gone through many personal upheavals, challenges, triumphs, emotional fluctuations, marriages, divorces, betrayals… birthing two children and losing one to a rapid illness that ripped him away without warning.

Currently RDL lives in Cape Town South Africa, focused on writing her latest fiction novels: Keepers of the Flame, Queens of High Society and Sultans of Tirazis.

During working breaks and after a healthy active lifestyle outdoors, as a hobby, or rather being an essential part of her creating processes, RDL values sitting in a very comfortable chair, admiring the open landscapes through the wide window, drinking coffee or red wine next to a crackling fire… thinking… and conversing with like minded people about what they’ve learned about life, business, love, world issues, the next great extinction, the future, and where evolution and Elon Musk will eventually take humanity…