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RDL gives talks and presentations on the below topics:


  • Business growth through sales – All businesses are in it for profit… that’s why they exist. And it raises profits by means of streamlining the business, manage finances appropriately, growth (expansion), sales and revenue – And to increase revenue you need to….
  • How to use the Luxury DNA brand strategy for business (or to craft your own personal brand or persona) – this will immediately put you in high demand and premium price bracket.
  • How To Understand, Calculate & Package Your Product’s Value
  • Who is your target market?


  • You don’t need a magazine journalist or an influencer to tell your stories… you can do it yourself – this is how to do it most effectively without been seen as self-promoting.
  • How to bring your messages and stories to life with video that will attract and keep attention – and no, its NOT how you’ve done it till now
  • Those who are most insightful and adept at understanding context, will likely be those who create the most value
  • Those who tell the best story – wins the race…
  • How to create desire, sell dreams and make them say “YES, I WANT THIS”….. Get to know the reasons why people buy and how to apply it in your practises
  • How to use a luxury brand strategy to elevate your brand’s story and through that raise brand equity
  • Forget about the millennials — they are still growing up… rather put your energy into these markets…
  • Endorsement – In the eyes of the consumer, the brand ambassador is the brand… so tread carefully – who to get to endorse your brand?
  • How to Use Imagination for Creative Visualisation


  • High Self-Worth … High Net-Worth
  • Trade routes to wealth… which one to take?
  • The Importance of Thought Leadership and How It Can Advance Your Career or Business
  • It is character not accolades, credentials or academic achievement that will make you succeed, they are important of course but character is what will catapult your success – how to use it.


  • Why it’s important to aspire to a life filled with luxuries…
  • 8 vital components to consider when wanting to design a better life…
  • The true and spiritual meaning of space… (spatial space)


  • What mothers should know in raising their children so they can grow up to be the best they can be…