The new space businesses

The new space businesses 

A lot of people have been inspired by Elon Musk and SpaceX. People have said that after seeing the Falcon 9 rocket landings, they were inspired to enter the space industry.

This video goes over the number of space businesses, new tech, and new industries being launched into space. You have the Starlink and Dear Moon ventures from SpaceX.

There are human organ printing space factories, and space architectural firms. The space shuttle launch company by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. And even a Youtuber who is building working model replicas of SpaceX rockets (they launch, and are almost able to land).

Here are the futuristic and sci-fi companies, projects, and space business ideas highlighted in this video: Spaceport of America in New Mexico, Dear Moon by SpaceX, Mars missions by SpaceX, architectural firm AI Space Factory, Rocket Lab, Relativity Space who are printing their own space rockets, Techshot who are looking to 3D print human organs, Made in Space and Zblan, NASA and the ISS, Axiom Space Station, Starlink satellite internet by SpaceX, Bill Nye the Science guy and The Planetary Society (Lightsail), and BPS Space.

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