What Recherché Means

Recherché is derived from French, which means to seek out, to choose with care – and by extension, being of rare quality, elegant, attractive, exquisite, fine – carefully selected with a slightly pretentious effect.

Generally, being pretentious isn’t bad – pretending to be better than someone else is probably bad (unless you are) – but pretending to be better than who you really are, is a very good thing – that’s why they say, “act as if… or fake it till you make it.”

In pretending to be a better person, you can actually manifest a better you, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s utmost inspiring.

The Recherché Club

The Recherché Club is a sought after private club where participating members pretend to be better versions of themselves in various ways, striving for the finer things in life. Even though they may have not yet achieved it, they can still experience it for a while.

We play ‘dressing up’ and ‘keeping up appearances’ – enjoy social gatherings in pure opulence and luxury, playful and fun, trying out brand products, services and experiences to explore how we feel about them.

The Recherché Club Private Lounge

The Recherché Club Private Lounge is where many exciting and exotic things happen. When Covid is still out there, we sometimes showcase video productions in a comfortable virtual lounge where members learn about the luxury brands that inspire, the brands that push us towards greater achievement, pleasure and happiness.

This Is Why Recherché Exists

Personal aspirations are a long-term goal oriented approach we expect to accomplish over a lifetime, mainly to satisfy needs like attention, strength, trust, self-esteem, achievement and companionship.

We do not aspire, or dream, of owning something, but rather becoming someone.

Learning about a brand’s provenance helps to show how we relate to the creator(s), the designers of the brand, how we may think the same to achieve the same, or think differently to create something new from their inspiration, all of which help guide us towards what we really want in life, what inspires and motivates us personally to behave in the way we do, or to find a new way to behave.

That’s why this club is pretentious, we pretend in so to discover whether we like something or not, how it would feel to be something or someone else, and if that something is worth pursuing.

Defined as those who strive for being more in life, we are career and results orientated, and enjoy pushing towards learning new skills and finding opportunities.

We want something to believe in, and want the brands we like, to stand for something bigger than mere incremental product benefits – and many luxury brands get this right.

We want brands to embody an inspiring ethos, to bring a strong point of view – and stake a flag in the ground.

Like Chanel, who established a big flag as the Mother of Fashion. She is the epitome of how to build something that will become a legacy for those teams working at her company and those who wear her designs.

Popups all over the world…

The Recherche Club, operates on a popup model, which means it’s here today, gone tomorrow – just the way we, our members and our guests like it all around the world. It keeps the team alive, the themes vibrant, the menus fresh and the venues always a surprise.

This unpredictability means we could potentially invade any space, at any time, bringing you the world’s best parties and entertainment sponsored by the brands you love.


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