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Video Production

The reason why online videos are so important is because they are incredibly engaging and offer a well rounded sensory experience that includes visual motion, sound, story, and personality.

Video has proven to be a powerful channel for information, education and entertainment. 

Conceptualise, script-write and produce videos in the following industries:

  • Branded Content
  • All Corporate Productions
  • Corporate Documentary
  • All SMME Businesses Productions
  • MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conference, Exhibitions
  • Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Luxury Experiences
  • Experiential Travel
  • Extreme Adventure and Sports
  • Safaris + Trips + Tours
  • Real Estate and Property Developments
  • Online Education Programs + Courses
  • Music Artist Productions
  • Any journalistic or editorial story or topic

According to a recent study Google conducted with Ipsos MediaCT, two out of three consumers watch online travel videos when they’re thinking about taking a trip. 

Key findings of research is that travellers:

  • Spend more time than ever watching videos on YouTube
  • Use YouTube as a primary source for travel inspiration
  • Watch travel videos across devices
  • View content across all of YouTube’s travel categories
  • Ages 18 to 24 subscribe to content focused on inspiration for future travel (video blogs)
  • Ages 25 to 64 subscribe to content to help them plan current travel (reviews, travel brands and travel networks)
  • Watch video content in other categories during travel research (restaurants, spas and beauty services, finance, extreme sports, and cooking and recipes)As digital video becomes an even bigger part of the traveler’s journey, it’s increasingly important for advertisers to seize the opportunity.
  • A strong video strategy can help brands reach, inspire and engage today’s digitally savvy traveler in more ways than ever before.

Auxiliary services to market your video include:

  • Photos
  • Accompanied blog posts
  • Social media snippets for all social mediums
  • Press releases
  • All content optimised for SEO + fast downloads
  • Video marketing campaigns and strategies