Why Mothers Of Dragons is not available on the usual platforms…

Why Mothers Of Dragons is not available on the usual platforms…

Mothers of Dragons is only available online in Html format on its own dedicated website platform…

R.De’Lano explains…

“At the onset, when I decided to write and publish books, I did research over and over and came to the conclusion that self-publishing and distributing my books on different platforms than Amazon was the best route to go.”

“I certainly tested the markets most authors take, but after two years with struggling to get direct answers from book sale conglomerates about resolving certain cost, operational and ownership issues, I’m now more convinced than ever to simply do everything myself; hosting, marketing and distribution.”

Delano stressed that we’re in an age where self-published books have a better chance than ever of making it big with new technologies and publishing strategies.

“People don’t care how a book is published, or on what platform it’s available – as long as the book is good. If your book is good and going to explode, it’ll explode, whether or not it’s traditionally published or not, whether it’s available on Amazon or not, whether it’s in PDF, ePub, Mobi or Html.”

Authors simply don’t always have the control over sales by large aggregators who do not always provide accurate sales figures with very little percentage cut reaching the author at the end of the day.

And since authors are still required to do their own marketing what’s the point of hosting it on other platforms?

“It makes no sense to still do marketing and then give more than 70% away to aggregators who do nothing to promote author’s books and just take the bulk of the sales. It simply makes no sense….”

Other reasons for not to publish on the big sites are:

The author no longer owns their book and are greatly restricted over the use of the book – They are literally selling big online publishers not only the upside profits of the book, but more importantly, selling them control of their intellectual property.

Once they own the book, they only care about selling copies, authors can no longer do anything with that book that doesn’t involve paying them for copies of it. 

Publishers could make authors write a book they don’t want to or change it to suit their view of the markets. If an author wants to position themself as an expert in something, but publishers don’t think it appeals to enough people they ask to change it. 

They don’t care about the author or their business; they only care about selling copies of books, so they’ll make authors do stuff they think is important for them (make money) and not in the best interest of the author or reader. They will make consistently terrible aesthetic decisions that ruin content for its purposes, because publishers only care about profits.

But authors still have to do all the work to sell it. Publishers do no marketing. And then Amazon want you to get reviews for the book, basically pushing readers to do so, just to move up the list.

In today’s digital age, authors have the power to reach readers without the middleman.

Mothers Of Dragons is currently available in digital online format, in which buyers receive a link to a secure online book platform with a unique password with 24/7 lifelong easy access.

“In this way it’s also easier for me to update the book with new vital information in relation to the theme as and when changes occur, and let buyers know in an instant with email notification.”

The user reading experience is also far better than PDF and ePub where books are shelved in a library and forgotten over time. This way the book reads much better with easy navigation and placeholders. However, should the reader still prefer these formats it’s still available on the online platform.

The printed version of Mothers of Dragons will only be released in South Africa early 2021 and be shipped globally.

In mid-year 2021 it will be released to international markets in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and the rest of Africa, where books will be printed in each country locally to speed up delivery times.

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