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Rizél Delano


Well equipped to tackle a vast range of project endeavours with high demands in various disciplines and sectors.

Business Consultant: IMC, Marketing, Advertising, Content, Sales and Consumer Expert, Rizel Delano, pulls from the most brilliant developed minds and deep-dive research to bring you vital information about cut-throat strategies, increased sales and higher profits.

Because effective communication between a business and its publics, has a direct influence and impact on the business’ growth and development – Rizél’s ultimate concern and primary objectives are to map out, design and prescribe best practices for campaigns, projects, content, experiences and products, processes, systems, strategies, and techniques as leading determinants for maximising profit and customer satisfaction.

Rizél can naturally see how to turn ideas into action after systematically evaluating different scenarios and considering all the obstacles. As a result, she makes things happen with contagious and engaging energy. If you have an important project that needs a jumpstart and instant momentum, dedicated follow through with satisfying results – she’s the one to contract…




‘We both are still impressed by our experience and would like to thank you for your outstanding service. Your professionalism and obvious dedication and passion for your work is simply inspiring . . . . I think it was so far the greatest consultation in my life. For sure the value of what transpired from your input equals the valued results of raised profits. We feel honored to have had the opportunity to work with you and will treasure it deep inside our hearts. The results of this project will surely remind us of you for a lifetime. Thank you so much for everything you did for us.’


Destination Marketing – Family Owned Resort

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